The next generation booking system

Seatris offers a unique table management system for restaurant staff, a live booking service for customers and a global marketing channel to promote special offers and events.

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Eliminate no-shows

Stop no-shows with a legal and secure credit card verification system. Use an automatic waitlist to replace last minute cancellations and boost capacities.

Save time

Automate and track daily reservations with a unique set of communication tools, shaving off hours of administration time per day.

Booking assistant

An in-built capacity planner helps maximise seating availabilities and minimise mistakes - meaning higher yields and profits for the restaurant.


Sell tickets, vouchers or take pre-deposits for special events, menus or seats. Specials can be sold through the online booking form or tailored made for specific marketing channels.

The game changer

Combining state-of-the-art table management software with global payment technologies and artificial intelligence, Seatris is the next generation in computerised table bookings. Simplifying and streamlining communication processes, Seatris can save hours a day for front-of-house staff while increasing revenue for business owners through re-thought economic systems. With an easy to use online interface in multiple languages and the ability to store guest details, Seatris offers a fast and simple booking experience for both regional and international guests.

Try it!

Bo.lan were serving around 960 covers per month with a 10% no-show rate. Since adopting Seatris,
 no-shows have dropped to 0.5%.


Duangporn Songivsava (Bo)


The online booking form allows guests to book standard tables, exclusive tables, private dining rooms and special menus and events quickly, efficiently and in live time. Showing all date and time slot availabilities, guests can browse preferred sitting times or add their names to a waitlist if the restaurant is full. Programmable, the waitlist can be operated manually or automatically, instantly offering waitlisted guests cancelled tables up to the moment of the original booking.

An exceptional booking experience


Restaurant Bo.lan, Bangkok


More guests


Less no-shows


Increased income



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